Where do you ship?

  • All over the U.S.

How far in advance should I place my order?

  • We recommend scheduling your try-on session about 4 months before the event and ordering 2 months in advance. With that said, we are always happy to try and accommodate last minute orders. Please send and email to info@herarentals.com for any orders with less than 8 weeks lead time.

When does my rental period begin?

  • As soon as the dresses are delivered to you.

What if the dress is damaged while I am wearing it?

  • There is an insurance fee included in the cost of your rental, however, it only covers minor wear and tear. If the dress is severely stained or damaged we will charge accordingly.

I love my dress and want to keep it, what next?

  • Please send an email to info@herarentals.com and we will set that up for you!